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The Broken Hearted -child

LaToya Ann Williams

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The Broken Hearted Child
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My Story

Wow!  I still can't believe it ! I wrote my first book! This book is about past traumas, pain, and abuse. This book also highlights how I was able to overcome it all and turn my pain into purpose.


You had to know me 5+ years ago to understand my growth. I'm proud of me. What's left in my cup is for me. You have to create the life you want!


So many people who I've crossed paths with have been touched by my story and thought it would be beneficial to share it just to help encourage others along the way. Whether it was to make them appreciate their life, reevaluate where they are currently, face something they are harboring inside, apologize to someone, forgive someone, make amends , and the list goes on. At first I didn't see how or why it was necessary and to be honest I was ashamed. I've always felt like I didn't belong. Then I realized that I had the chance to do something about it and maybe someone else needed my story to weather their storm. In fact a few people I know personally after hearing who I am and where I've come from they felt ungrateful and had a different perspective on life. I have always lived by the saying if I can help someone along the way then my living shall not be in vain.

The Broken Hearted -child


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About The Book

The Broken Hearted Child is about me, LaToya Ann Williams, growing up in foster care and my transition into womanhood, motherhood, life's obstacles ups and downs.

Messages From The Author

Forgiveness Is For You Not Them.

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Thank you for such an amazing read, LaToya! I encourage every woman to buy and read!

Samantha J.

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